Mission Statement

I’ve sadly neglected this blog site for several weeks now. Everything started well, but then I got to thinking, thinking and more thinking. Then learning and understanding. To relaunch this blog, here’s the Foxy-Tester.com mission Statement:

Our mission is to be and nurture leading edge revolutionary and banner-waving ambitious advocates of BDD, specification by example and ‘shift-left’ testing. Our Passion (with a capital ‘P’) is to learn, re-learn and guide other wildly ambitious testers who have the same ambition and passion for the role. To make full-stack Automated Testing an imperative for all testers to get on the first rung of the ladder right now. To join with leading figures in Testing to make Testing a fully recognised indispensable technical role. To guide testers who want to keep ahead of trends to set the trends and make Testing and Software QA all it can be. To make it happen for themselves rather than wait for it to have happened everywhere else first.

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